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Globehunters Travel Blogs

POSTED BY Mavy | AUGUST 21 2019
Label: Fun Facts

From natural Wonders of the World to man-made monuments, the internet allows us to research and explore some of the world's best tourist attrations right from out phone or laptop, but which are the most searched for? We've analysed the number of searches made on Google for some of the world's most popular visitor attractions and the results are pretty clear: people love Disney!

POSTED BY Mavy | APRIL 15 2019
Label: Travel Tips

When flying anywhere, making sure that you don't exceed the baggage allowance and incur extra fees (or delay yourself at the airport) is one of the most important things to think about. But every airline has a slightly different baggage policy.

Label: Fun Facts, Travel Tips

When travelling around the world, it's important to keep your health in mind, and one of the things many take for granted is access to drinkable tap water. Looking at advice from the CDC (US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), we found that it's recommended to avoid the tap water even in some fairly major tourist destinations, so check out the map below to see the advice for your next destination.

POSTED BY Mavy | JANUARY 23 2019
Label: Fun Facts

Canada is home to some truly incredible nature, and no less than 39 National Parks! With such picturesque scenery to take in, it's no wonder that Instagram is filled with pictures of this wonderful country.

Label: Fun Facts

We're all familiar with the idea of the world's wonders, perhaps the Pyramids of Giza spring to mind. But for a more modern ranking, why not take a shortlisted and winning wonders, then pit them against one another again in a more relevant format?

Label: Adventure Travel, Family Travel, Fun Facts, Travel Tips

Theme parks are among the most popular tourist locations in the world - popular with both kids and adults alike. Unsurprisingly, they're also some of the most mentioned places on social media.

Label: Flights, Fun Facts, Travel Amenities , Travel Tips

Photography and travel go hand in hand, and Instagram is the go-to platform to share all of your holiday snaps with your followers. For many, documenting the trip starts right from the moment we set foot on the plane, so we’ve crunched the numbers to see which airlines around the world get the most love on Instagram.

Label: Adventure Travel, North America, Travel Tips

Icefields Parkway, Alberta Banff - Jasper The 144 mile stretch of road between Banff and Jasper provides some of the most incredible views and breathtaking scenes you can find in Canada. The drive takes you through the Rocky Mountains, presenting you with the spectacular natural beauty of the area.

POSTED BY Mavy | AUGUST 3 2018
Label: Adventure Travel, Family Travel, Food Travel, Fun Facts, North America, South America, Travel Tips

The Americas are filled with beautiful, exciting and historic attractions, but where do people visit and photograph the most? We went to Instagram to find out which tourist attractions are the most instagrammed, and found that Walt Disney World tops the list with over 8 million tagged posts.

POSTED BY Mavy | JUNE 13 2018
Label: Beach Holidays, Fun Facts, North America, South America, Travel Tips

When it comes to choosing the next destination to visit for your annual trip to the beach, be that for a vacation or for an interstate visit, there are usually a few things that come to mind: the weather, the accessibility, the beaches, and what there is to do. However, increasingly, people are beginning to think about the number of photo opportunities their chosen beach destination provides.

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