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Cheap Flights To Canada

Canada OffersBook By 27 Aug 2024
DepartingArrivalAirlineTravel datesPrice
MontrealTorontoWest Jet01 May 2024 - 17 Oct 2024frC$282.00
Calgary, ABOttawaWest Jet10 Jan 2025 - 27 Feb 2025frC$346.00
OttawaCalgary, ABWest Jet10 Jan 2025 - 27 Feb 2025frC$376.00
TorontoCalgary, ABWest Jet19 Dec 2024 - 23 Jan 2025frC$424.00
OttawaRichmondWest Jet10 Jan 2025 - 27 Feb 2025frC$492.00
Calgary, ABTorontoWest Jet14 Oct 2024 - 26 Dec 2024frC$500.00
RichmondTorontoWest Jet16 Feb 2025 - 26 Mar 2025frC$540.00
Flights to Flights.HtmC$540

The beautiful, diverse country of Canada really does have it all. From stunning scenery and fantastic beaches, to buzzing nightlife and delicious cuisine, Canada has enough going for it to entertain the whole family.

Starting with the province of Ontario, this part of Canada is home to the country’s largest city, Toronto. Here of course you’ll then find the world-famous Niagara Falls where it’s well worth spending a day taking in the views. Then head to the north of Toronto where you’ll find Georgian Bay, a breath-taking waterscape of pine forests set against blue glass clear waters. You can also get to Georgian Bay via Ottawa, Canada’s capital. Whilst a little more old school than Toronto, Ottawa is certainly worth a look for its amazing galleries, museums and unique high-end restaurants.

Heading to the French side, we have the area of Québec. Boasting a proud and deep French culture, Québec’s main city is Montréal, which is a major tourist destination thanks to its sheer vibrancy and energy. Offering a captivating mix of traditional style and commercial modernism, why not take a step back from the hectic center and take a look at the historic provincial capital Québec City. Here you’ll find a relaxed pace and laid back style in the villages spread out along the St Lawrence lowlands.

Wherever you decide to spend your vacation time in Canada, each unique part has something special to offer the whole family.

5 Things You Need to Know About Canada

Here are five things you may not have known about Canada, which you’ll want to make note of before packing your bags:

Time Difference: UTC +0 hours
Currency: Canadian Dollar
Native Language: English
Weather: Canada's climate varies wildly based on geography, from perma-frost in the north to four distinct seasons towards the equator. In this region the temperature can climb up to 35 degrees Celsius in the summer and descend to a chilly -25 degrees Celsius during winter.
Sales Tax: 13%

Internal Flights Within Canada

Here’s everything you’ll need to know about flying within Canada, including flight times and entry requirements.

Flight Times

Flights between Canadian cities generally take anything from one to seven hours, with direct flights readily available.

Flights from very remote parts of Canada are likely to be much less frequent than those between the big cities. They are also likely to be indirect so will take a little longer.

Entry Requirements

Canadians must hold a valid passport to be able to board the plane.

Airlines That Fly Within Canada

The following airlines offer direct flights between major Canadian cities:

- WestJet
- Air Transat
- Air Canada
- Qantas

10 Canada Must-Dos

If you’ve never visited another part of Canada before and are wondering what the ‘must-see’ sights and attractions are, here are our top ten:

- Niagara Falls
- CM Tower
- Ripley's Aquarium Of Canada
- Old Quebec
- Notre-Dame Basilica
- Stanley Park
- St. Lawrence Market
- Granville Island
- Canmore Cave Tours
- Wild Pacific Trail

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